Month: February 2017

Spring cleaning is a wonderful time if you love spending time cleaning bits and bobs around your house and making your home look new all over again. However, this takes several days and must be done in an organized manner such that you don’t have to go through another intense cleaning session again anytime soon. Listed below are few of the places that you shouldn’t forget to look into when doing the cleaning.

Basement and attic

Your basement has to be added into your spring cleaning list, this is usually where you store everything or the place that is prone to most of the dirt. You’ll need to put on your cleaning outfit and make a list of all the things you need to do, in order to restore your basement to its former glory. Along with the basement, you need to also clean your attic. If the attic is where you store your storage and all the bits and pieces, what you can do is arrange it in such a way that it will not get messy and won’t require you to clean it again.

Roof and chimney

The roof, such as metal roof restoration or even normal roofing has to be checked if any cleaning is necessary. In most cases, this is not so you don’t have to worry about climbing the roof. The chimney, if you have one, is another area that needs extra care.

Garden and exterior

Every corner of your garden should also be included in your spring cleaning list. Although spring cleaning is mainly focused on indoors, you should venture out and make the outside of your house look equally good. A day dedicate solely for gardening sounds like a plan. Along with this, the exterior of your house such as the paint job and veranda should also go through with a thorough cleaning and kept up to date. A complete paint job sounds about right if you feel like the walls are too chapped and old looking.


There are several systems that make a house complete, and these systems have to constantly be cleaned and kept up to date in order to ensure they run extra smoothly. These different systems could be in any corner of your house, so you need to have a list of all the mechanisms that keep your house running and you should know where exactly they start and end. If you feel like they need to be replaced, such as gutter replacement, don’t wait or delay the process as this could cause further complications. Get them done as soon as you can!

These are a few of the most common forgotten places while people do their annual spring clean!